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Aloha! I'm Bethany

With my 12-month online course I can help you crush self doubt and Live Unstoppable!



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I’ve spent over a decade learning to overcome obstacles and live the life I want to. Now I’m ready to share exactly how I do that with you. Save 60% if you purchase today!

I know life can be hard. Let me guide you in finding the power of resilience.

12 Life-Changing Topics

I will be discussing 12 life-changing topics covering everything you need to live Unstoppable.

Be Present


Learn to say no, slow down, and unplug, in order to be present and have margin for recovery and rest, to live life to the fullest, and to deepen your relationships. 

Overcome Obstacles


Discover how to see your obstacles as opportunities, not letting your limitations be excuses, get a new perspective on your fears, so that you can be flexible and adaptive, fully focused on your goals.

Fight Comparison


Learn to recognize when you’re overvaluing what you don’t have, and undervaluing what you do have, so you can shift your focus to being thankful and proud of your unique abilities, talents, looks, opportunities, etc.


Discover Your Passion

I’ll help you figure out what things are most important to you, things that you absolutely love and are naturally driven to pursue. Once you find your passions, life’s purpose becomes so much more clear - helping make proper decisions to act upon.

Anchor Your Identity


I’ll help you check yourself against those you look up to and against what others say, understanding how you can be confident in who you are - value your uniqueness, your strengths, and enjoy the peace that comes from knowing you are loved by God.

Set Goals


Move away from laziness and lack of direction by setting a goal based on what you’re passionate about, and making a plan to achieve it! 


Live with Integrity

We’ll talk about being honest and faithful, standing by your word, to live free from the guilt that comes from wrongdoing.


Train Your Mind

Combat the inner doubting voice through simple mental exercises and mental shifts that can lead to confidence and determination.


Deepen Friendships

It’s so easy this day in age to spend more time on our devices and less investing in your friendships. We’ll tackle how to avoid the feeling of isolation by being intentional about picking good people and investing in those relationships.


Bless Others

See how blessing others starts at home, and how to balance caring for yourself without being too self absorbed.


Optimize Health

If you are functioning and thriving in good health, you’re able to accomplish your passions and goals and have energy to do what you want to do! We’ll take a holistic approach by looking at the physical, nutritional, mental and emotional aspects of a healthy life.



Life is so relationally focused, so I see forgiveness as the foundation to an unstoppable life. I hope to be forgiven and I hope to always forgive. It’s crucial to successful relationships, and even to your health.  

Online Session with me

12 jam-packed conversations between Bethany and her guests. Watch them live or save them for later and watch on your own time.

Detailed Action Plan

After each session, we will email your monthly action plan.

Course Overview:

Live Q&A's

After you've had a chance to watch the online session and look through the action plan, we will host a live Q&A session with Bethany!

Jump in, start living Unstoppable!


The Lineup

To ensure you get the most practical advice, I'm bringing in an expert to speak on each topic. It's an all-star cast that you'll only see here.

Kate Merrick

Kate is a Christian writer and speaker. Author of And Still She Laughs (2017) and Here, Now (2019).

Nick Vujicic

Born with no arms or legs, Nick overcomes

challenges through strength found in Jesus Christ.

Dustin Dillberg

Dustin is a functional medical consultant and speaks on topics of nutrition and natural medicine.

Lauren Scruggs

Lauren is a wellness warrior, NY Times best-selling author, and lifestyle blogger.

Mike Coots

Mike is a shark attack survivor, amputee, surfer, environmentalist, and photographer.

Sarah Hill

Sarah is a mentor to Bethany, missionary on the Island of Kauai, Christian speaker, and Youth minister.

. . . more guests to be announced soon!


"I've always had those little nagging doubts in the back of my mind that I didn't want to deal with, but this week has helped me SO MUCH to actually confront those fears and doubts, and destroy them one and for all!"

"I am finding I learn more about me then I knew. Thank you for giving me that push."



"This has been really encouraging! Hearing so many encouraging words on a subject that I struggle with has been helpful. This course has broken it down and offered life-changing tips."

"Now that I have completed the course, I am ready to take those next steps to conquering my fear! I came to the realization I don’t have to worry about what someone will say about me because I was created by God to be the way that I am."


When you register with the full $99 I  will donate another subscription to someone who is unable to afford it but would benefit from it.

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